Here is a startling fact: Average sales people spend one quarter to one third of their time handling administrative tasks, including meaningless email. Here is another: Average sales people spend less than 21% of their time in actual selling activities. And a third: It is far worse for entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur, you make your money selling something—a product or service—and delivering that product or service. That’s it. Almost everything else is a distraction. Some people look at this and think: But I can’t always be in selling activities! Probably true. Aside from common... (Read More ...)

Let me start with a premise: You love your work. You are a healer, a consultant, a conflict facilitator, a psychotherapist. You are doing what you dreamed. Independent, serving others, and you should be on top of the world. Except that you aren’t. Money is tight. Too tight. You give a lot of energy to your work, and often feel exhausted. Yet you feel privileged to get to do this work in the world. What an honor! Let’s take a sober look. Your money life is going backwards, and you are constricted in your choices as a result. You are looking for alternative income streams to finance this thing... (Read More ...)