“But I have a service business that bills hourly—what should I do?” Your Business Is Different Whenever I talk about the new rules of productivity and the incredible opportunity to improve your business, I can see this question arise on the face of someone in the crowd. There will be a psychotherapist, massage therapist, or an energy healer, or a person with a professional practice like writing, graphic design, or law. They will sit back, fold their arms, and let the thoughts run: “Well, I can’t do that! I can’t increase my income the way Tony did because my business works differently.” You... (Read More ...)

Ignite. Engage. Emerge. This is how the New Rules of Self Employment will drive your business. Ignite your passion for life, vitality, and experience. Engage new practices to transform your business. Emerge into your new life of joy, abundance, and prosperity! Ignite Most self employed entrepreneurs are stuck in their own self employment trap. Your office is a mess, you work all the time, you believe that the only way to do something right is to do it yourself. All are indications of the self employment trap—practices and attitudes that make you a slave to the needs of your business. You are... (Read More ...)

Do you know how to use your network? Many people don’t. They will call the network to randomly ask a favor, or turn their network into social friendships only, or disregard them when things are good. None of these options are good for your business. These criticisms are easy. It is much harder to outline what the savvy business person should do with their networks. Each network is different, and the best way to use the network depends not only on who is in it and what it offers, but also on the business you are in, what you can offer, and what you are trying to accomplish. Here are three ideas. 1)... (Read More ...)