From Scarcity to Abundance: A Physical Therapists Renewal

Few things are more gratifying than to see a person flourish in work that is their highest calling. Jeanna Viramontes, an independent physical therapist from Hudson, Wisconsin, sent me this insightful and touching note on the impact the New Rules of Self Employment workshop had on her business 6 months later. Jeanna is doing it. And I am pleased to know that I was able to help. Here is Jeanna in her own words.


Here are the changes I have made since the workshop.

  1. Researched and implemented web-based practice management software (scheduling, electronic EOB, electronic payments from insurance companies, patient statements all automated and integrated) and electronic claims submission.  This allows me to remotely access my schedule, all billing info.  The research process and implementation process have added many hours, but it is starting to pay off.  In the past couple of weeks (since almost everything is automated), I figure I have saved about 5-7 hours per week.  This ranges from saving time by opening less mail, less paper filing, less going to the bank and eliminating redundancy in my processes.
  2. Researched billing services.  I found a billing service that uses the same practice management software.  I am currently in the process of negotiating a contract with her and hope to hear back this week some time.  If the negotiations work out and she takes over the billing, I will save about another 5-7 hours per week.
  3. Researched cloud-based servers.  My goal with this is to establish a system that will allow a medical billing service and/or virtual assistant to access the data they need to access and to allow me to remotely access documents.  My long term goal is to have everything cloud-based so that if I add another therapist (independent contractor) and virtual assistant in the future, I can keep overhead low and still have ease of access for all parties.
  4. Using your workbook made me take a hard look at the hours I spend on non-work related activities and brought on another change.  I serve on the board of directors of my townhome association, which is self-managed (meaning two of us are running a 1.4 million dollar corporation in our spare time).  The inventory in your workbook along with encouragement from family (and some other events) spurred us to outsource the management of the organization.  I researched management companies and we just signed with one at the beginning of August.  I was spending 8-20 hours per week doing this volunteer work and that has drastically reduced to probably 5-6 hours per week.  In the next few months, I suspect it will decrease even more to 2-3 hours per week.  On average, I have saved about 10-12 hours per week by outsourcing the management.
  5. Outsourcing the laundry has also been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I probably save 30-60 minutes per week, and I don’t have to be there to make sure loads get moved, changed and folded.

When you put it all together, I have received significant benefits from thinking differently, the way you taught us in the workshop. I figure it this way:

  • Total time saved per week to date: 20-25 hours
  • Projected time saved per week if all of the above is implemented:  27-30

Also, this weekend, I did not do any work-related activities from 7:00 pm Friday night until 8:00 am Monday morning.  I think it has been at least a year since I have had two days in a row that I did not do work-related activities.  THANK YOU TONY!

Once I sign on with the billing company (I hope), I will do another inventory of my time and see what needs to be changed.

On a personal note, you have been one of the people in my life who have helped bring an awareness to my “zone of genius” and how to maximize the time I spend in that zone.  I notice that when I sit at the computer and do billing and other administrative work, my hands get very cold and I can feel my natural energetic vibration (my energetic internal clock) slowing down and becoming sluggish.  On the other hand, by the end of my sessions with clients, my hands are usually burning and I can feel myself vibrating at a higher frequency and larger amplitude.  You have helped me become aware of the need to spend as much time doing what lifts me up, not what pulls me down.

I’ll keep working on it!


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